Video Tribute to Bhai Sahib



Here is the link to a video tribute that has been prepared painstakingly by a youth premi who insists on remaining anonymous.

It is windows media player format. If you would like to download it, click here.

It has been prepared with a great deal of love and dedication. We commend the naujawan concerned and hope that this provides the inspiration for more youth to make further contributions to the improvement of this site.

We invite you to

a.   share what you  have learned  from the    kirtan and katha done by Veerji.

b.    provide suggestions  and support for spreading the message of gurbani by publicizing this site and distribution of copies of this video and other cd's of Veerji.

BENTI : This video invites you to participate in Naam Simran with Veerji. Pleaase concentrate & participate in the same as if you were engaged in simran.