Bhai Tejinder Singh Shimla Wale 


Bhai Tejinder Singh (Shimla Wale) is a Gursikh who lives and works in Chandigarh. Although he is not a professional ragi,  the passion and love in his singing and recitation of Gurbani is mesmerising.


Bhai Tejinder Singh was inspired by Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji to undertake kirtan seva and continues to so so to this day. You can hear him occasionally singing at Sri Darbar Sahib, Harminder Sahib, Amritsar Sahib.

Despite his busy commitments and schedule as a Bank Manager, his commitment and unflinching faith drives him to do "Nishkaam" seva as a kirteanea.

After Veerji's passing, Bhai Tejinder Singh Ji attended and participated in almost all the shardanjli programs in India in memory of Veerji. Veerji was extremely proud and fond of Tejinder Singh Ji and spoke very highly of him.

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