Sant Attar Singh Mastuwane Waley

Sant Attar Singh Ji was born on 28 March 1866. He learnt Punjabi at the village dera and assisted his father in agricultural work. When he was 17 he joined the Indian Army. While in the  army, he got baptized. He left the army in 1888  and undertook a long journey on foot from Dera Ghazi Khan (now in Pakistan) to Hazoor Sahib.

At Hazoor Sahib, he meditated for about two years. He then walked to Hardwar and finally Rishikesh where he continued with his simran for a year. He then went to his village Cheema and stayed there in his fields for three months and taught his mother to recite Japji Sahib.

While on his way to Panja Sahib, he stayed with Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji at village Shahan-Di-Dheri for nine months. During this period, he completed the continuous recitation of Guru Granth Sahib numerous times.

After a pilgrimage to Panj a Sahib and meditating for a few months in the secluded hills of Kohmari mountain, Sant Ji settled in a jungle area of village Kanoha (now in Pakistan). He meditated at this place with great intensity and went without food for extended periods.

Word  quickly spread about his piety and the seekers flocked in large numbers to him to pay their obeisance. Shabad Kirtan and Guru-Ka-Langar  and congregations began at different places under the  guidance of Sant Ji. Sant Ji also met Sant Baba Sham Singh Ji . He arranged for the construction of various Gurdwaras including 'Guru Sagar, Mastuana', and 'Guru Kashi, Damdarna Sahib'.

Sant Ji baptised approximately fourteen lakh Sikhs. He was committed to educating children and established a series of schools and colleges at different places. He attended Educational Conferences and gave spiritual guidance to all. On being entreated by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya - a great social thinker and social reformer, and a number of Rajas and Maharajas, he agreed  to lay the foundation stone of the first Sanskrit College at Benares Hindu University.

Sant Ji made Mastuana Sahib a key centre for the growth of Sikhism. He passed on on 31 March, 1927.