Pocket  Sikhi To The Max  Installation Guide




1. Introduction:

This software is designed to work only with MS Pocket PC based machines, not Palm or Symbian based devices.

2. Sync PDA and PC:

Before installing Gurbani Searcher Tool on the PDA, you should have the PC setup to sync data with the Pocket PC. In case you don't have this setup, follow some brief instructions on how to do that in this step, otherwise proceed to step 3.

In order to sync data between the PC and the PDA, you can install Microsoft Active Sync software.

Once the software has downloaded, double click on the file to start the installation. Once the installation is complete, plug in your PDA into the PC using the USB connector cable that came with the PDA. A screen (Fig. 1) should pop up to set partnership between PC and the PDA. From the following screen, select Guest partnership and click on the Next >.














You should now see a screen (Fig. 2) confirming that the PDA is connected to the PC properly.

Proceed to next step otherwise go back and follow this step again. If the PDA is not connected properly to the PC you will not be able to follow next steps.

Fig. 2: PDA connected to the PC

3. Install Pocket PC 2003 runtime for Gurbani Searcher (Optional)

Note: This is an optional component for Pocket PC 2003 and above. Pocket PC 2000-2002 doesn't need it.
Pocket PC 2003 runtime ( for Gurbani Searcher. Once the file is downloaded, you have to move the file over to the PDA.

You can save this file in a temporary location anywhere on the PDA. In order to do this, click on the Explore button in Fig. 2. Browse to a directory on the PDA where you would to like to move this file to. Once in the directory, drag file over to the desired directory. An example can be seen in Fig. 3.

It is recommended to save this file on additional memory in the PDA. Once the file is copied to PDA, tap on the file. This should install Pocket PC 2003 runtime for Gurbani Searcher. During installation some screens might pop up asking where to save the files etc, just select the default values.

Once the runtime is fully installed, it will automatically delete the file from the temporary location.

Now proceed to the next step to install Gurbani Searcher program on the PDA.

Fig. 3: Copying file to the PDA


4. Install Gurbani Searcher program

Download Gurbani Searcher program file ( on the PC.

 Once downloaded, unzip the file contents to a temporary location.

After unzipping you should have 3 files,

gsearcher.Arm 1100 (4k),

Setup.exe;  and


Make sure the PDA is plugged into the PC.

Double click on Setup.exe file to start Gurbani Searcher program installation.

This program will copy above files to the following location on your PC by default: C:\Program Files\BaniTranslationTool.

If this directory doesn't exist, another popup screen ( Fig. 4) will tell you if its ok to create this directory. Select an appropriate location or leave the default values in the Destination Folder field and click on OK to continue with the installation.

Fig. 4: Popup window if installation directory doesn't exist

After the copying is done on the PC, installer will popup questions regarding installation directory on the PDA.

Normally the PDA's don't have enough Main Memory in order to install Gurani Searcher program. You need approximately 40MB of space for the whole program (including database).

If you want to install the program on to the Storage Card, click on No to continue.

Fig. 5: Installation directory popup for PDA

Another popup screen will show up asking for you to select where you want to install the software. By default it will show the Main Memory selected in the pull down menu. Select the storage card (SD Card) from the pull down menu and click on OK to continue.

The program will be installed in the following directory: "\SD Card\SikhiToTheMax BaniTranslationTool".

Note: The path maybe different on your PDA.

Fig. 6: Select program installation media

Once the program download from the PC is complete, another popup screen (Fig. 7) will pop telling you to look at your PDA screen to see if there are any popups or error messages. Just select the default values in the popup windows on the PDA.

 Once done, click OK to continue.

Fig. 7: Download complete popup
If all the screens disappear after you clicked on OK, then proceed to next step. If not, then go back to see if you have missed anything.



Install Fonts:

Download the following required fonts  on the PC:

Gurakh ttf

Gurakh heavy ttf

Gurbani Web Thick ttf

Copy the fonts to the PDA Fonts folder located at \windows\fonts\. Look at step 2 on how to browse the directories on the PDA using ActiveSync's Explore feature.

While copying fonts to the PDA, you might see a popup (Fig. 8) regarding file conversion. You can safely ignore this message. Click on OK to continue. Once completed, proceed to the next step to install Gurbani Searcher database on the PDA.






Fig. 8: File Conversion popup window

6. Install Gurbani Searcher database:

Download Gurbani Searcher database (gurujee.sdf) on the PC.

Copy the database file to the same directory where Gurbani Searcher program was installed on the PDA in step 4. By default  it would be:  \SD Card\SikhiToTheMax BaniTranslationTool\.

Look at step 2 on how to browse the directories on the PDA using ActiveSync's Explore feature. While copying database to the PDA, you might see a popup (Fig. 8) regarding file conversion. You can safely ignore that message and click on OK to continue. After copying is complete, you will see something similar to Fig. 9.

At this time, installation of the Gurbani Searcher Tool is complete.

 Proceed to next step if you want to set up a shortcut to Bani Translation Tool on the Start menu on the PDA.

Fig. 9: Copying database to program directory

 Setup shortcut on Start menu:

On the PDA, click on Start menu. Select Settings. This will open Settings window as shown in Fig. 10. Click on Menus item. This will open another window as shown in Fig. 11. Select the check box in front of Bani Translation Tool to create the shortcut on Start menu. Click on ok to save your changes. Now when you click on Start menu it will have a shortcut to BaniTranslationTool. Please look at misc. pics on how the BaniTranslationTool looks on the PDA. This completes the installation and setup of Gurbani Searcher tool.


Fig. 10 & 11: Setting up shortcut on Start menu


Misc. screenshots