Gurmukhs who inspired Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji and those who were inspired by him


  During his earthly existence, Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji met many, many Gurmukhs and was inspired by several of those that he met as well as many that he never met personally. He, in turn was a source of inspiration to thousands others. It would be an impossible task to list these individuals. The names on this page are simply a handful of Gurmukhs with whom Bhai Sahib shared an affection. Whoever came into personal contact with Bhai Sahib always shared a personal  affinity towards him and felt a very special bond with him. Any omission of any particular individual in any of these pages should not be interpreted to negate any love that may have been shared by anyone with Bhai sahib.

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji, Mastuane Wale

Sant Nischal Singh Ji

Bhai Gurmej Singh JI

Saint Scholar Sant Naranjan Singh Ji,

Bhai Vir Singh Ji

Baba Harnam Singh Rampur Khere Wale

Baba Santokh Singh Jyoti Saroop Wale

Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa

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