Sant  Baba Harnam Singh Rampur Khere Waley

Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji was born in the village Dhugga Kalan, Tehsil Dasuya, District Hoshiarpur in July 1897. His father was S. Achhar Singh Ji and his mother was  Bibi Narain Kaur Ji. Baba Ji had four brothers and two sisters. Baba Ji learned Gurmkhi  from his village Granthi. He  was a teenage when he lost his parents. He began to help his brothers in the field of cultivation but internally he remained deeply spiritual as he knew that the real goal of human life was to unite with the Almighty. 

Baba Ji’s meeting with a Udhasi Sadhu by the name of Santokh Dass( whom he served for 11 years) as well as Sikh Saints proved fruitless as  everyone he met merely wanted to recruit him as their chela. Baba Ji then went into a state of Vairaag and after three days, he did ardas  and heard a message asking him to partake Amrit. Baba Ji did this when he was 21.  

In 1947 after partition, Baba Ji’s family shifted from Sargodha to Dhoul Pur (Rajasthan). One day when Baba Ji was deeply engrossed in meditation  he received a message asking him to preach the principles of Sikhism and go to a deserted and barren place at a distance of 4 to 5 miles in the eastern direction of his and to village and make the place a centre.

Baba ji went to this place which was then known as Ram Pur (Theh) where he did a great  deal of deep meditation. Numerous Naam seekers and spiritual inquisitives began coming to  Baba Ji who  used to give them guidance. Weekly Naam Abhiaas Kamaaee Smagam began and thousands of men and women came in contact with Baba Ji to benefit form his darshan and gain spiritually.

Sikhs like Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa, Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale met and were deeply impressed by Baba Ji.
It was baba Ji's desire to
see the entire “Khalsa Panth” in Chardi Kala and he meditated purely for this cause from Vaisakhi 1976 to Vaisakhi 1979 and did Ardaas. This was the time when emergency had been declared in India. Even in this crucial time Baba Ji joined hands with Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji and other Sikh leaders to awaken the sangat by arranging religious processions, meetings and discussions. One such procession was started from Gurdwara Ram Pur Khera to commemorate 300 years of martyrdom of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji.

Baba Ji arranged for roads, bridges and buildings to be constructed. Khalsa Schools and colleges were given immense financial help, the poor students were given higher education to get good jobs. Free eye camps, free medical facilities were given to the needy. Even now with the co-operation of saadh sangat this practice is continued by Baba Ji’s successor Sant Baba Sewa Singh Ji in which permanent allopathic and homeopathic clinics, centre for eye treatment having modern facilities, old age care home, keertan vidayala, training institute for Sikh preachers have been setup and providing free service.

Baba Ji has dedicated his life to Guru and Khalsa Panth. Even in the last days of his life he did not hesitate joining Dharam Yudh Mocha in 1982. Though Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindran Wale and Sant Longowal persuaded Baba Ji not to go to the jail due to his old age and unsound health yet along with thousands of his followers he went to the jail and helped the morcha financially.

 While in jail  Baba Ji baptized many Sikhs. Ultimately, due to the harsh jail conditions, Baba Ji’s physical condition worsened and although  he was given expert medical treatment,  he could not recover and breathed his last on 4th  January 1983 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He was honoured as a “Shaheed” at his Dusehra (Antim Ardaass).


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