Bhai Dalip Singh Paonta Sahib Waley : a soul mate of Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji



              Bhai Dalip Singh Ji was an amazing Gursikh who lived his entire adult life at Paonta     

           Sahib. He first met Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji in 1989 when Bhai Sahib visited Paonta  

           Sahib. From the very first time that they met, the two became very close friends, a

           relationship that lasted throughout their lives. Both of them passed on in 2006.

           Bhai Sahib was a master at Gatka and he taught Gatka to numerous youth. He

           did nishkaam seva at Sri Darbar Sahib, Paonta Sahib and was the head of the

           Sukhmani  Sahib Society for many years. Images and a brief life sketch of Bhai Dalip

           Singh can be seen at the links on the right.